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La Senza Corporation is a Canadian fashion retailer that sells women's lingerie and intimate apparel. The La Senza brand is currently owned by Regent which operates and owns La Senza stores in Canada and the United States and uses a franchise model for the operation of stores outside Canada and the United States.

An unsatisfied Canadian customer comments on ChickAdvisor, "First off, they don’t fit right. Secondly, they’re uncomfortable. And third, the big sizes are ugly. I went to La Senza for a fitting and they don’t even carry my size. The workers don’t have any idea what they’re doing. I would never recommend La Senza to anyone."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Took away benefits, including severance right before mass lay off. Your expected to pick up workload of another individual if they leave / get fired with no extra pay. Regent won’t pay for product (that’s already been made) for stores, so sales decline due to no newness / lack of inventory. Then blames home office for lack of profitability taking away promised bonuses + other benefits."

Former Employee - Power Seller says

"If you don’t make sales after a month of being hired they will demote you and drop your pay and hours. Management is terrible. have to greet each customer soon as they come in and ask what’s her bra size to get her into bras and measure her. They’re all about selling bras and 70% of the job is selling bras"


"Definitely a "trial and error" company. Management was horrible and unprofessional. Acted as if our concerns and issues mattered but they never were resolved. HORRIBLE hours once thanksgiving was over. The company might as well only consist of managers because the associates got no respect nor hours. Unrealistic goals set everyday"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of leadership from store manager. She spent all of her time locked in her office and had no idea what was happening on the floor. In all of my years of management experience, I have never worked under someone more absent. While we all ran the sales floor and produced numbers, she had no clue about the business. She never scheduled herself on weekends (the busiest days in a week for retail), and when she was there, was never available. I'd like to get paid to be locked in an office, giggling on my cell phone, too."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Office culture was the worst experience I have ever had. Dodging bullets daily."

Current Employee - Stocker says

"Too understaffed during holidays, half of the staff don't know what they are doing. Hours get cut when over hours. When doing floorset they usually schedule 2 people max to do during throughout the day"


"Worked 40+ hours a week but no overtime. No benefits"


"treated poorly if not making the sales they want, no room to move up top, a temporary job"

Former Employee - La Senza Part Time Sales says

"The environment of La Senza is one of the worst I have ever worked in. I worked there for 6 months and every day that I went in my manager was constantly yelling at all of my co-workers and I through our head sets. Even if we were making sales, something was always wrong. Our manager was lazy and wouldn't do anything herself. She would talk very rudely to you through the head set where everyone could here and would only be nice to you when she wanted something or wanted you to buy something from the store to bring up sales. Basically everyone that I started working there with has since quit. Worst experience of my life and I will never ever work for L Brands again."


"I was treated like a child and forced to help customers who had previously stated they did not wish for help. If I did not make hourly targets I was shunned, including times that there was no customers in the store. When targets were met, there was no praise or even a simple ‘good job’. It was a competitive and high-stress work environment."

Power Seller / Keyholder (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful too much pressure on the sales floor, never get with family always working in the weekend,very poorly managed, not a good work environment lots of gossip special from management I dont recommend to work here"

Power Seller (Former Employee) says

"I hate when I write bad reviews but I have to tell everyone the truth about this place that looks like amazing and super cheap for customers. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t care about the employees. There’s no benefits (likes insurance...) whether you work full time or part time. You only get 40% off( customers get 50% off alot of times+ 10% off with the club card = 60%off) If you work full time your contracts is part time so they don’t pay any insurance for you. For normal employees you have to sale for 150$/h and if you’re Powersellers (full time) you have to sale 250$/h this is the minimum but the reality you HAVE TO DO MORE. each week you have to do your sell objective event when there is no customers. Actually,I have been suffering when I was working there specially from the manager and co-manger they lies often. They interfere with your personal life. They will always looking after you and blame you for nothing they will tell you to walk faster! Push your sales, takes care about many customers in the same time(to get their bonuses), do the merchandise and the visual work to 11pm/to 12am. A lot of gril they quit the job fast without doing the 2 weeks.There, you will find bad management, alot of favouritism, a lot of drama and hypocrisy. Not only me but the others girls suffering too. After all they don’t thank you and they don’t give you references!!"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"commission structure and hours sucked, I would never work here again"

Power seller (Former Employee) says

"Poor management jealous co workers. Wanted you to sale nothing but bras with no proper training. If you didn’t make sales in bras or if co workers didn’t like you they will give you less hours and demote you. They won’t fire you they will just have you quit by giving you less hours if they didn’t like you. You spent your days greeting customers and getting them measured and if they didn’t want to be measured still had to force them to try on bras and buy bras. Training was not good at all. Prices are less than Victoria secret but items are not as good.DiscountsPoor Management. No hours. poor training and customer service"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"loved la senza but they let me down. my district manager was supportive but their Loss prevention department on a corprate level did not perform. very disappointed"

Key Holder and Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"First part time job, the job itself was fun but the company and management is disgusting. Completely unfair, never reasonable, and there's always drama. Management would always pick favourites (mostly power sellers because they made the company the most money) and would make everyone miserable. I would never want anyone to work there, EVER.Absolutely noneEverything"

Key Holder/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"she was only gunna hire ugly girls so they would not hang out with the girls who had worked there forever because she didnt want anyone to be friends. she tried turning everyone against each other.nothingeverything"

Sales representative (Former Employee) says

"I used to work at the Owen Sound store for almost a year and a half and it was easily hands down the worst job I've ever had. Where to begin...the staff are completely incompetent and full of themselves- the younger staff are trashy and frequently gossip about customers behind their backs. I was promised a promotion and it was given to someone who basically sits on their butt when they're there. The hours are non-existent- I was down to 4 hours/week there before I quit. The management has NO idea how to schedule or run the store which makes the environment there so disorganized and chaotic! In a nutshell, 5 people (not including seasonal staff) quit in a year. That says a lot!DiscountPoor hours/pay, rude staff, disorganized"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Sell, sell, sell learned to add-on and build KPI's How to keep customers happy by finding out there wants and needs Dislike Constantly push sales Pick ScheduleWorked 6 times a week"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"La Senza customer care they do not care about there employees they will send you home because there not enough phone calls or emails causing your checks to be less that $500 they will send you how 2-3 times a week when it is not a busy season and will make you work holidays mandatory with no pay Compensation"

Keyholder (Former Employee) says

"The management was racist. They didn't know how to properly train and coach their associates. Instead of teaching me how to do something they would just be on your case telling you to do it right. Like, how am I supposed to know what the right way is when you didn't teach how me to do this entire process in the first place?decent payracist management, no proper training"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked at Lasenza for just over 6 years. The public isn’t always aware when a company is sold privately. LaSenza is now owned by a private equity firm you can google to find out the name.Since the sale of LaSenza .......Terrible corporate culture starting right at the top -A. District leadership is great if you like a DM who only works from her kitchen tablePeers , Gossip and do not uphold values or support one another Zero growth available at any level The worst HR rep you will ever meet. Lasenza is Quietly closing stores across Canada and USA Many people have not been paid vacation hours or received severance pay Prediction: Lasenza will continue to treat its leaders poorly , close locations and lie and drag their top talent around until their is nothing left of the company.Wage is consistent across chain Sm $22/hrCm $20-hrEveryone else min wage NoneThe list is too long"

Seasonal Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work! Very awkward environment. Management only cares about themselves. People will boss you around even though they’re not even managment. Too much gossiping and of course no team work! (Some) power sellers think they’re manager! Only good thing is the pay and hoursPay and hoursEverything else"

Conseillère à la vente (Power salaire) says

"It's like ants crawling to attack the next person to come inside the store. I had worked there 3 weeks with a promise for a permanent position, and suddenly that position just couldn't hold up for the store budget. Like our personal singular sales goal per week was over 9000$ each and we often surpassed it. How in god's name can you no longer have enough budget? The tension was constant between the girls and everyone talked behind each other's backs and had to take half hours or more in the backstore to figure things out again together. It was a complete mess and failure on the teamwork side. If someone had already answered the client YOU are absolutely not allowed to answer to the client too, or else you get scolded real nicely no matter if the girl holds exactly the same position as you they won't hold off on telling you what you can and cannot do. The worst part is when you check up on wether it is true or not with your manager, you'll find out most of the time you've been told off for no valid reason and you had just done your job. So no thank you for that toxic environment."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Managers want full availability but only schedule you once a week or once every 2 weeks, they didn’t schedule me for 6 weeks in a row but claimed that I was getting lots of shifts part time for them is (3.5 hours a week)"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"the management team was poorly trained, as well as they are t professional by any means. they’d take hours to do a ‘touch base’ when in reality it’s 5 mins for us. They’d go on walks,triple time throughout their shifts as well as be late few times and get angry at any of us for asking for go on a smoke break, breather or just to sit. poor team management skills, poor communication skills and very unfair. They say it’s a ‘safe environment’ but i didn’t not feel welcome, nor happy there. i got severely depressed from being in that store because of snarky remarks made my management which were never solved.discountsManagement, bullying, favouritism, etc."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The job itself was pretty good but the god! So up themselves it was unreal. Spent every minute of every day looking in the mirror and ignoring customers. Customer Service standards of staff was absolutely shocking! Manager an absolute clue how to run the store. Extremely catty and malicious staff and generally not a nice place to work at all. Was bullied horrifically by the Manager and the Supervisor who wanted my the point where I couldn't bear going to work every day and I had to leave. If your considering applying for a job here...DON'T!!!full time hourspretty much everything!"

Seasonal Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I had suspicions of the manager be racial, I understand bag checks are mandatory but I noticed she let the fair skinned people walk away most times and would ALWAYS bag check anyone darker, I believe everyone should be bag checked. Management was very disorganized and the manager and power sellers I found very catty and conniving."

Key Holder (Current Employee) says

"my management team are way to friendly with each other that it causes favouritism, if I make A mistake it’s a big problem even when it’s something little!!! But when someone in management doesn’t show up for their shifts or forgets to lock the doors or doesn’t even sell!! It’s okay and also when they’re at cash all day taking other people sales to make it seem like their doing something for our DM to see on the computer its unfair!! They would sit in that back and do absolutely nothing!! For hours and then come on the floor and take other people sales"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"-Not a positive environment -Not adequately trained -Very competitive for sales and you are called out on your sales every 30 minutes -Hassling customers even when they wished to be left alone"

Wendy Makpah-Tatty says

"Ordered a bra from here and the 2nd time I used the bra, the strap ripped."

Emma Gentle says

"Awful returns process.
First the online system didn't work.
No response to help me solve it.
Once I did solve it I had to pay £15 to return an item.
All in all I spent about 2.5 hours trying to return some bras - which only didn't fit because I went by the la senza size guide.
Very frustrating experience!"

Jacqueline says

"Poorly designed and cheaply made. Bought "the sexies" in every color which are a cheeky fit. Stitching starting to fall apart after only a few washes. Also, within a few minutes of wearing them you will notice you constantly have to pick out your camel toe. It is annoying and uncomfortable. I still wear them sometimes when others are in the wash but my midday im so frustrated id rather go commando or end up changing underwear."

lola says

"I was at fairview mall location when I was about to pay and the cashier was extremely rude and disrespectful that I I didn't even want to spend my money in the store so I left. This is the second time that happened in the same location. I will never shop there and I just cant wait till all these stupid girls that do not know anything about customer service are replace by ROBOTS"

Joey Woodland says

"Terrible experience. Once u order theres no going back they refuse to cancel. Refuse customer service. Never shopping here again. Aweful"

lama masri says

"I have made a purchase on the 30th of December that was supposed to be delivered on the 2nd January. I was excited and eagerly waiting to receive my items.
When I noticed there was a delay in receiving them, I checked the tracking service provided the first time and it said that the parcel was returned to the sender, a day later it was sent out for delivery again, so I thought that everything was ok.
Yesterday I checked again and it said that the parcel was returned to the sender, again!!!
I called to ask and I was told that the address provided was incomplete and at this stage the order will be considered as a returned item and I will be reimbursed. I am now extremely disappointed and frustrated.

The address I provide was missing a street name (due to heavy internet traffic during the holidays the page kept lagging and I had to re-enter my information so I made a mistake), but it did have a postal code, which if used can provide Lasenza with the exact location of my house. Second, no one thought of contacting me even though they have my contact information. Why else would they collect such information if they are not planning on using it???
I was not contacted the first time or the second time when my parcel was returned to your facility, and I am not sure I would have known any of this had I not called yesterday to ask. This is extremely unprofessional and I expected way better from a company like this.

I now lost, not only the long time I spent online picking my items, but also the items that I picked on sale, and can’t afford now. Not to mention I have to wait for 14 days to receive my money back.

This is so unprofessional and not a way to do business with clients. I am sure since they have plenty more clients, I am dispensable to but this should not be a reason for them not to have decent custom service.

The reason why they ask for our phone numbers and email addresses is to contact us if there’s any issues with the order and THEY NEVER DID!!!!

Anyway, having read the rest of these reviews I’m glad I’m getting my money back, and I’d rather spend it at Victoria’s Secret than here."

SellyB says

"I was dubious about ordering from Canada (UK based), but I found some really lovely items and went for it. I should have trusted my gut.

DPD advised on the day they would be delivering, and as i wasn't going to be in i requested the parcel be delivered to a pickup location. I waited for the notification that it had arrived, but after it didn't come through after a couple of days i checked the tracking code. It had been signed for by someone over 40 miles away!!

The ensuing emails between DPD and La Senza have been incredibly poor - DPD advised the parcel would have to be returned to sender (even though it says it has been delivered?!) to which i tried to confirm this was back in Canada, but neither party would confirm. I'm still waiting to find out. Ultimately i have to wait until it gets back to La Senza for a refund which could take weeks. Ridiculous.

How can neither party know where the return destination is? This is what i got from La Senza regards my request for this information: 'At the customer service center we do not track return packages'.

This is what i got from DPD:
'I request you to please contact your sender for the re delivery'.

Head. Brick wall.

No real understanding from the customer service team, they did offer the refund fairly quickly, but the fact i have to rely on it getting back to them negates this in my mind."

ashley says

"Sad to say their quality in underwear has turned terrible. The lace edges start to pull away after only a few washes/wears and even hand washing doesn't help preserve them much longer. Ive been shopping there since i got my first bra at la senza girl, sucks that now its just a waste of money for a 14$ thong to shred so quick."

Sarah says

"Even though they accept Paypal, they discriminate against online shoppers who use this payment method. If you shop online and use a credit card, you can return items to any of their stores for a refund. BUT if you use Paypal, they will only give you an exchange/merchandise credit. Yes, in 2019, La Senza cannot/will not perform the same simple transaction for all customers. It's amazing this type of discrimination is legal. If you use Paypal, you have to return items by mail AND pay the return shipping- they are too cheap to provide return labels. Don't use Paypal. Better yet, don't give them your money at all. There are lots of cheap lingerie companies out there that treat all customers with equal respect."

Shannon says

"If I could give zero stars I would. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. I contacted customer service and asked if I could ship to a store even though I was in the United States. The customer service agen reassured me and talked me through the process. Turns out I can’t ship to the store in the US and so items were never delivered and were sent back to the facility. I never received notification that there was a problem with the order and had to finally reach out to see what was happening with the order. Then I talked to customer service about 15 times and got a different answer every time on what was happening. My refund was processed on October 25 (supposedly because I can’t believe anything they tell me) and still haven’t received my money. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I talked to multiple people and they were all horrible and rude. Don’t order from here."

nina-klyuchko says

"Made an order on the website la senza on March 30, 2018 . Order 400051846 . And here is already month service support ignores my letters ! The goods were not shipped and returned to the seller ! The seller ignores me and I don't know how to take money or goods ! Very low quality of service and disregard for customers ! Order Was 400051846 Track 6001003062624"

anonymous says


Rob Tolson says

"The Good The Bad and The Ugly

My first experience was just before Christmas 2018 - 2 sets ordered both came within 6 days - quality seems good.(shipping £3)

2nd experience - 1 set ordered (shipping £6) arrived nothing like the colour online (return shipping £4.45)
So... ordered another set (shipping £2.93) but made a mistake as two bras were identical to look at and notified them within 2 (and i mean 2)minutes of paying online, BEFORE i even received a confirmation ...their response?.."Sorry too late as it is getting ready for shipping" whaaat!? After spending a further 30 minutes contacting them i as then informed orders cannot be amended once placed,I asked what the differences were between what I had ordered and what I should have ordered and i just received a generic answer... their product knowledge was very lacking!

So...product seems good (but be careful of colours)..CS is dreadful.....oh and wait for the sale which seems to be on more than not!"

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